COMPETE® Energy Bites

Mega Energy in a Chocolate


COMPETE® Energy Bites are a brand new food supplement that provide mega energy on the go, whether you study, train, race, or simply need to stay alert longer. COMPETE® Energy Bites give you the boost you need when you need it most.

Each COMPETE® Energy Bite contains 135mg of caffeine and less than 45 calories! COMPETE® Energy Bites provide the same type of pick-me-up as strong coffee or sugary energy drinks but with fewer calories and less sugar.  They’re perfect as a pre-workout 5 minutes before exercise or as a pick-me-up when fatigue starts settling in.  Mega energy in a chocolate, to help you succeed.


  • Mocha Energy Bites 6 Pack 1 x 6 Bites


  • Chocolate Energy Bites 6 Pack 1 x 6 Bites


  • Lemon Energy Bites 2 Pack 1 x 2 Bites


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  • Long journey ahead?

    “Tuck a few COMPETE® Energy into your glove box or pocket, to keep you alert during your car or bike journeys”


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